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Momma + Baby Hunter | Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle Photography

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Im so excited to share with you these photos I had the pleasure of taking the other day! If you know me, you know how much I love taking detail shots of baby rooms. And just like the child grows, so will this room. It will change, transform, be rearranged, painted and potentially belong to another family with other children in the years to come. Just like the little girl, her room will only be ‘this small’ once. This is her nursery, her quiet place. As she grows it will become somewhere where she finds both rest and adventure as her imagination takes off with age. Im quite the sentimental lady, and I look back and miss my old bedroom with the blue fish wallpaper. Im thankful I still have a sliver of the paper and photos to go along with it.

Im hopeful that one day, little Hunter will look back and cherish these photos from her quiet space.


We poped over to mom & dads room for a few shots once little girl fell asleep.


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