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During this headshot session, it snowed. It snowed in Texas, y’all.
In the winter. In January. When snow is suppose to happen. Shocking, I know!
It may not have stuck around very long, and may have only been a brief flurry, but it was beautiful.

While I lived in Minnesota as a resident artist and intern of The Northern Clay Center, I remember feeling an overwhelming joy every time It would snow. During the first snow fall that winter, I was at the clay center working on a project. I saw the flakes begin to fall, and immediately bolted out the door without a care in the world. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have my coat on. It didn’t matter that I looked like a crazy person. I wanted to be out there with it. To experience something I had never felt before, a Minnesota winter. I stood there in the frozen tundra just being completely in awe of it. It was mysterious, delicate, and refreshing. When the seasons change and the snow begins to fall, It reminds me of the promises God has made in my life and my time in Minnesota. Its a gentle nudge to always seek joy in every season of life….even the ones that require you to endure -25 degrees.

This headshot session made it in the books, winning “most frozen my fingers have ever felt while taking photos” award. And I lived in Minnesota, so thats saying something! Through the low temperatures and gusting wind, he stuck it out, like a trooper, and humored me to get the shot. Its pretty cool when your clients can stay laughing and smiling, even when they feel like a popsicle straight out of the freezer. In spite of the unusual weather conditions, thank you for letting me capture you being you!

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