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Haley James | Decatur Senior Photographer

High School Life

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Decatur is such a fun spot for unique senior photos! Miss Haley James and her mom were an absolute joy to work with.

This senior shoot was a dreamy country vision.

One of Haleys visions for her shoot was an open field with a lot of flowers. This Texas summer has been rough though. We have been in a drought and its been so hot this year, so open wild flower fields aren’t as easy to come by. I really had my doubts as to if I was going to find her that field or not. However, I managed to hunt down one! One small problem is that the fastest way to access it was over a barbed wire fence. So, what’s a girl to do. Walk a ways down to the entrance, or hop a fence? Her mom taught me how climb over that bad boy with no injuries, no n and no problems. Two words, fluffy blanket.

Spray Tan // Bottled Bronze
Hair & Makeup // Parlor E11evin

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