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Holiday Party | Celebrating The Season With My CrossFit Fam


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As we wrap up January, I feel its no longer acceptable for me to write “2017” on accident anymore. I have had 31 days to practice. February is here, and the new year has officially started— for those who view January as a ‘trial’ month! Haha

If you know me. You know I LOVE my CrossFit box. I could write you a monologue about my experience with this group of people, the workouts and the coaches. CrossFit to me isn’t just a way to be healthy… It isn’t a way to just look or feel good. To me, It is a community of people that I thoroughly enjoy being with, on the daily.

I had the honor of documenting the first holiday party and ALL the fun we had–outside the box. We also learned that some of us have hidden skills at ping pong and corn hole. You know you’re at a CrossFit party when there’s concern about wether or not this game is scored as “Rx” 😉 Here’s to being “a little better everyday!” Happy 2018!

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