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Meet Clare, she is pretty stinkin’ cute. Not to mention her parents are pretty awesome as well. I had such a great time photographing them in their house and getting a sneak peak at their daily life. I met Clare’s mom, Lauren, when I was around 8YRs old. Looking back I become very nostalgic about my childhood, especially my room and all my beloved stuffed animals. My mom always loved taking photos of us, and would remind us that one day we would look back and be thankful for all the memories- and boy was she was right!

I hope one day, Clare will look back at these photos and feel a connection with her childhood, much like I have been able to the endless plethora of photos my mom captured for me and my sister.

The best thing about me taking these instead of mom or dad– they can be apart of the visual memory too.


  1. Rick Wyly says:

    I love these pics…they are wonderful! Jamie, you have found your true calling in life.

    • says:

      Thank you Rick! I really enjoy photography and even more so… enjoy taking photos of your family! Clare is such a cutie!

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