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I am happy to share with you the recap of my week as we are all on this crazy journey called life together.

M U N I F I C E N T – (of a gift or sum of money) larger or more generous than is usual or necessary.

Monday is the start of another day, another week. The gift of one more day is more generous than any riches or rubies I could possibly receive. No ‘case of the Mondays’ here!

Highlight of my week: Had my Body Analytics Test completed. It was really neat to find out what my resting metabolic rate, body fat percentage and my lean muscle mass is. The best (and funniest) part was I was told I probably need to eat way more than I am. Which if you know me, you know I eat quite a bit.

Yes, I did this:
– Visited the public library for the first time in years to check out some business books. The sweet librarian misspelled my last name, which is fairly common.
– Smashed my nose with a barbell while doing a push press. Thankfully, it wasn’t broken and only bled a little. No bruising on the outside, but boy was it bruised on the inside! It just goes to show you that you can’t lose focus when dealing with the barbell, or else.
– Photographed a beautiful wife, 3 years after she said “I do”. It was so much fun getting her back in her dress and photographing her in the city space!

Celebrating: This past week I sent out a wedding client gallery! I love sending out the finished product and checking it off my list.

Question for my readers: What is your favorite dessert?

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