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Patience & Fortutide | Crossfit Competition

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As many of you know, I started crossfit about 3 months ago-and was hooked after the first class! I found crossfit at a time in my life when I was seeking not only a serious mental push, but true community. It has not always been easy, but it is a quiet reminder of my life-word ‘perseverance’. Every day I walk into the box knowing that its going to test me somehow… and on some days it has nothing to do with fitness but my own internal battles. And its even more amazing that I walk in their knowing there are lovely humans showing up for the same thing in their own way. Having that kind of community, that has a similar like-minded goal, is so important in life–so thank you to all my crossfitters for having me be apart of their daily life.

I could write an entire essay on how much I love crossfit, but I won’t bore you the saga quite yet. (ill save that for a different day ;))

Shout out to my team-mates for going out their and doing their best–which Saturday that unfolded with them taking first place in womens & mens fun division. #TeamGray #TeamBlack

I regret not bringing the telephoto lens–but sometimes I feel its more important that I enjoy where I am and not stand out with the giant white canon lens! But, hey–its not too bad for a wide angle 1.8!

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