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Stockyard Senior Photos | Fort Worth Photographer

High School Life

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Senior Photos at the Stockyards? Yes, Please! The Native Tarrant County woman in me was all over this! Above all, photographing anyone in the heart of the cattle city that makes our little side of Dallas-Fort Worth so special! 

Meet Jess. So, It’s a pretty funny story how I met this sweet client + her mom. Once upon a time, I was sitting at a red light, when I was surprised by a nice smack to my bumper as a car zoomed around me. Whenever I followed her down the road- I found out she was going to Babes! (If you haven’t eaten their before, go check it out! Classic. Yummy!) After we pulled over, we did the normal trade offs, insurance, ID, pictures. Later, I received a call from her mom that night- but fortunately it went to voicemail.

“Do you take Senior Photos?” she asked, my response was “….Is your daughter a Senior?”

Fortunately, because thats how her mom found out I was a photographer. Because she heard my voicemail, she was quick to ask about what I photograph when I called her back. So she asked, “Do you take Senior Photos?” my response was “….Is your daughter a Senior?”.

However awkward it was for Jess to be photographed by the same woman she ran into, I can’t thank God enough for placing them in my life. Because, back in January, I had been praying for more work on the books. It wasn’t shortly after that I was blessed with work. So this little fender bender is what ultimately led me to Jess + her mom! In other words, never underestimate an inconvenience. Because it could be an adventure in disguise! 

Thank you, for having me photograph such a special time in your life. I’m confident you’re going to do amazing out there. And Tarleton is so ready for you! Jess, your heart is so special, and I can’t wait to see where God takes you next! Hopefully, He won’t have you get in any more accidents to meet photographers! 😉

High School Senior Photos at the Stockyards

High School Senior Photos at the Stockyards

Highschool Senior Photo

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