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Hey there! Thanks for stopping in. The first few years of changing lenses, it was challenging for me to know which lens to get for which occasion. Do I need a wide lens, or a zoom? Is this lens okay for inside a building? How much light will this lens actually let in? I have rented […]

I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time, and here we are! Honestly, I could probably write a book on all the details of why I love Fort Worth Camera and their employees. Wether you’re a professional photographer, or just want to snap some photos of the life around you, they […]

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer of Seibert Studios and shooting some ‘behind the scenes’ of her at work! This wonderfully kind hearted, talented woman, is just as in love with flowers as I am. What are the odds? Her paintings are very organically structured, and delicate. Just as stunning […]

Fine art of your own flowers, say what?! Hey there everyone! I can’t wait to share with you something near and dear to my heart. I love creating my couples fine art prints of their flowers for life after “I do”. This involves me taking your wedding flowers and preserving them in a way that […]

This was by far one of my favorite moments during my stay in Minnesota. The fall leaves were changing, and I had my first look at the beautiful state of Minnesota outside of the city. The yellows are really that yellow, y’all. Our class drove out to visit the studio and home of Linda Christanson. […]

Every year, 2 artists are chosen for the Mcknight Fellowship Grant and in turn, we get to sit in on a workshop that both educates and enlightens us on their practices. My teacher, Ursula Hargens & ​Mika Negishi Laidlaw were selected for the 2015 grant. Check out more work from these artists -> Ursula Hargens– […]

Happy Tuesday to my fellow readers! I am so excited to finally share with you some of the experiences I had while at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It started in 2015, when I was accepted into the Christian Arts Festival in Eagen, MN. I knew I was going to be moving, but […]