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Hey there! Thanks for stopping in. The first few years of changing lenses, it was challenging for me to know which lens to get for which occasion. Do I need a wide lens, or a zoom? Is this lens okay for inside a building? How much light will this lens actually let in? I have rented […]

I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time, and here we are! Honestly, I could probably write a book on all the details of why I love Fort Worth Camera and their employees. Wether you’re a professional photographer, or just want to snap some photos of the life around you, they […]

One of the many joys of this year has been photographing Seniors. I love, LOVE, being apart of this season of their lives. I met this young man at my CrossFit box 2 years ago, and he has always been so polite and kind to me and to others in our community. Dude, I can’t […]

How fun is this? This is the first time I have had the pleasure of photographing anyones prom photos! Seeing all these Senior’s excited and dressed up took me back to my own prom- 10 years ago. Wow, saying that reminds me of my age! Haha. These young women & men are celebrating their many […]

One thing that really interests me is how people cross paths. I ask myself, “What lined up that moment of connection?” For this Senior, it was a little trail that all came together. A few years ago, I photographed a sweet couples wedding at Diamond Oaks Country Club. Andrea, the bride, stumbled upon me via […]

If you have never been to the TCU Campus, you’re missing out! It is so beautiful and a dream for photographers who love reflective light surfaces. I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet TCU Senior this year, Erin. I met her through another TCU Alumni, Ashlee of Treasured Heart Events! I personally feel like […]

Hey, yall! Meet Ashlee, wedding planner, owner of Treasured Heart Events, wife, TCU fanatic, dog mom, and wonderful friend. Here’s the story of how I met her… Once upon a time, I was super nervous to network. I was uncertain of every single turn, and assumed everyone else MUST have it together. Then something hit […]

Have you ever had an age group that you can’t help but have a huge heart for??! Yeah. I sure do, the pre-adulters. The ones who are in high school, with all the ambition in the world while dealing with the biggest transitions of their life. I remember being that age, and feeling both lost […]

Fort Worth is my home. So its no surprise that I find it to be filled with many little hidden gems!! Introductions are needed, meet two of these gems: Wild Salsa and Professional Wedding Guild. For the past year, I was unknowingly forming close relationships with other entrepreneurs that are apart of PWG. These friends […]

When God told me I would be shooting more intimate wedding & elopements, I doubted Him a little. “How am I going to do this?”… “Can I really be that specific about what I want to photograph?”. It was the moment I started being true to what I was called to do that the jobs […]