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One of the many joys of this year has been photographing Seniors. I love, LOVE, being apart of this season of their lives. I met this young man at my CrossFit box 2 years ago, and he has always been so polite and kind to me and to others in our community. Dude, I can’t […]

How fun is this? This is the first time I have had the pleasure of photographing anyones prom photos! Seeing all these Senior’s excited and dressed up took me back to my own prom- 10 years ago. Wow, saying that reminds me of my age! Haha. These young women & men are celebrating their many […]

One thing that really interests me is how people cross paths. I ask myself, “What lined up that moment of connection?” For this Senior, it was a little trail that all came together. A few years ago, I photographed a sweet couples wedding at Diamond Oaks Country Club. Andrea, the bride, stumbled upon me via […]

If you have never been to the TCU Campus, you’re missing out! It is so beautiful and a dream for photographers who love reflective light surfaces. I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet TCU Senior this year, Erin. I met her through another TCU Alumni, Ashlee of Treasured Heart Events! I personally feel like […]

Hey, yall! Meet Ashlee, wedding planner, owner of Treasured Heart Events, wife, TCU fanatic, dog mom, and wonderful friend. Here’s the story of how I met her… Once upon a time, I was super nervous to network. I was uncertain of every single turn, and assumed everyone else MUST have it together. Then something hit […]

Have you ever had an age group that you can’t help but have a huge heart for??! Yeah. I sure do, the pre-adulters. The ones who are in high school, with all the ambition in the world while dealing with the biggest transitions of their life. I remember being that age, and feeling both lost […]

Fort Worth is my home. So its no surprise that I find it to be filled with many little hidden gems!! Introductions are needed, meet two of these gems: Wild Salsa and Professional Wedding Guild. For the past year, I was unknowingly forming close relationships with other entrepreneurs that are apart of PWG. These friends […]

When God told me I would be shooting more intimate wedding & elopements, I doubted Him a little. “How am I going to do this?”… “Can I really be that specific about what I want to photograph?”. It was the moment I started being true to what I was called to do that the jobs […]

A few months ago, I decided to focus on intimate weddings. Once I did this, my business has transformed and I have met so many wonderful couples. I had no idea what would come from this, but this little story is of how God connects people. Once upon a time, I met a sweet wedding […]

Senior Photos at the Stockyards? Yes, Please! The Native Tarrant County woman in me was all over this! Above all, photographing anyone in the heart of the cattle city that makes our little side of Dallas-Fort Worth so special!  Meet Jess. So, It’s a pretty funny story how I met this sweet client + her […]