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Thank you so much for being patient with me while I am in the middle of a visual transition! I am so passionate about serving you + your family, and I feel my new blog and website will reflect this!

Senior photography always presents me with new exciting challenges. And I absolutely love shooting something I have never done before. Yall, never have a I ever photographed someone with a large brass instrument! I couldn’t have pictured it other than my small general knowledge. I asked this young man and his mom to meet me […]

Oh, the infamous pumpkin patch. I remember being a youngin’ and dying to go to the patch! Wanting to go into the hay maze and pick out the best pumpkin (or maybe all of them). I only went a few times, as my parents weren’t into the pumpkin patch scene. Busy, more expensive than grocery […]

Newborn portraits, something every photographer will challenge themselves with. I have went back and forth on wether or not I should share these for the past year now. Ya know, I think its time ya’ll. If you don’t already know my story, once upon a time I was a portrait photographer. I photographed newborns and […]

Hey there friends! This past year, a perfect all natural light white studio opened in Fort Worth inside the floral studio of Blushington Blooms. This little gem is known as the¬†White Ohara Studio. Its turning into one of my favorite spots for all my studio needs, without having to use any strobe lights and keep […]

Happy (pre)Halloween everyone! This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a ladies halloween golf event. If it wasn’t impressive enough to me that they can get the golf ball into the hole, they were able to do it- IN COSTUME. Yes, I said it. And each team had a theme and a cart […]

M O T H E R H O O D: The sweetest, most rewarding and challenging job ever. As I watched this little girl run fearlessly into the water, I can see that this momma has raised her daughter to be brave. There was a moment when we tried to keep her from fully submerging […]

A few weeks ago I spent a little time up north for ‘vacation’. Which to any small business owner is less vacation and more half work- half play. Thank goodness I love my job! A sweet friend of mine recommended Kirstie Warren of Elevate Events, and Im so thankful she did. This woman y’all is […]

Its starting to feel a little like fall outside, yall. Thankfully, all the leaves usually turn our gorgeous shades of brown and gold here in Texas later in the season… so shooting these senior portraits in the green garden were P E R F E C T I O N. I couldn’t have asked for […]

I remember being in the convention center, families from all over piling in, chants, cheer and loud music playing. As I walked up the steps to go in, I could hear “Champion Cheer is who we are, the best of the best, by far!”… I was in awe of the all-star cheer world. A friend […]