So you want to be apart OF A

Senior ambassador model team?

leading creative 


For those who want even more from their senior year.

"Being apart of a photo team has been so fun! I thought it would be awkward because I didn't know anyone, but It wasn't! Go! Do it!"

"OMG!! Jamie has taken my pics for years and I couldn't imagine anyone else taking them!!! She is so creative, fun and makes me feel comfortable."

"She is so much fun, and so amazing!!!! Highly recommend"

"...An amazing photographer who has a great individual style that I love. She is very patient and makes sure to capture all the shots you are looking for as well as many creative ideas beyond expectation."

1. what a jb ambassador model is -

A JB Senior Ambassador Model is someone who has been selected to be apart of our year long  model program. Ambassadors are representing not only cool photos, but the brand itself and what we are all about. JB seniors represent amazing individuals who are kind, respectful and hard working. Our brand is focused on promoting generous living and serving others. It's all about whats in the heart that you're representing as an ambassador. Our senior ambassador models are those who are joining us to create something unique & fresh together. My focus on each year is to create content that is publish worthy and inspiring for both other photographers and seniors.
(and cute for your gram too)

2. requirements to become a jb model-

To become a JB senior model, you will need to meet the following requirements. 

1 - You must be a junior in high school in the DFW metroplex & surrounding areas.
2 - You don't need the best grades or be on sports team, but must be comfortable being yourself.
3. Must not already have a senior photographer booked for your senior photos 
4- You must be someone who is polite and respectful to those around you
5- Have a good attitude and are able to go with the flow
6- Be committed to our scheduled shoots & to your fellow teammates
7- You're not required to post or recruit, however if you do there are bonuses
8- Willing to have the most fun ever and laugh a lot, because trust me its gonna happen 

3. frequently asked questions

Q: Are other photographers allowed to work with me if I am apart of your program?

A: Great question! If you have booked with me for your senior experience, and are staying committed to our model program, I do not mind it if you are behind another photographers camera. I understand you might have a family member or friend who loves to take photos too, or maybe Aunt Betty booked those extended family photos and you're apart of it. As long as you are committed to our shoots + your Senior Experience being with JB Seniors, you are free to do what you wish! :)

4. frequently asked questions

Q: Is your program just for girls or can a guy apply too?

A: Girls love photos, but from what I have seen so do a lot of boys! I love it when I have gentlemen seniors who love getting creative and expressing themselves. Please feel free to apply!!

Q: Can my younger sister also be apart of the model team with me?

A: The program is for juniors becoming seniors, but I understand family wanting to be included. You can have your sister join you on our family shoot day in the spring! And when she's a junior I would love to have her on our team! 

5. frequently asked questions

Q: Do we get the digital downloads from the shoot? Whats included?

A: I love it when ya'll are so excited for sharing these beautiful photos! You'll receive a select number of images from each shoot you modeled in within 48 hours so you can start sharing. If you choose to add any prints or additional downloads its the same fee as within your senior experience.

Q: Can me and my friends all be on the team together? Or is it only 1 person per high school?

A: This year I am not restricting a specific number per school, my selection will be based on if you're a good fit for the team. Have them apply, its totally possible they could be there with ya! 

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