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Intimate McColl Pond Wedding | Savage, Minnesota

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During the next few weeks, I will be posting weddings & lifestyle/portrait sessions I have photographed throughout the past few years. I was hesitant to post everything until I had my website fully loaded and blog up and running smoothly. But alas, here we are. Take a peek at this sweet wedding I photographed while living in Minnesota!

My first week into the year I was at the Northern Clay Center, I met Audra & Chris. From the beginning of my stay there, I made a point to be completely upfront about my love for L O V E and happy couples. I usually can pick up on all the deep feelings, it’s like a sixth sense. Nothing in particular stood out to me at first though, other than I frequently spotted them walking together, giggling and talking amongst themselves throughout the studio. To me, I just assumed they were work-besties. About a month into my stay, I approached them with a clay question, and noticed they were giggling (per the usual)…When I told her they looked like they were up to something, she informed me they were engaged.


“No, you’re not engaged” was my very serious response as I darted my gazed back and fourth between the two in disbelief. She said it once again, and I refused to believe it. “You’re not engaged! You’re messing with me… you two aren’t even dating!” … “Yes we are! We just got engaged.” Yep. Right on top of the clay mobile. When I realized they were not pulling my leg, I screamed with joy and almost wanted to cry. The first words out of my mouth were probably… “I would LOVE to photograph your wedding!!”

Because lets face it. I love to capture R E A L love. The love that represents the true commitment, the true sacrifice and team effort. These two have it, y’all. Their wedding was a true representation of their spirits, and they invited a few close friends and family. Both are talented potters, and made their guests cups and mugs as a gift to take home. If you’re wanting to check out his pottery, click here. Her pottery, click here)

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