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We're working on creating the best blog for you to read through, if you have anything you want to see or read about let me know. This is both a place for a photo journal and all the happenings here at the JB house.

Hey there!

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Intimate wedding space? Count me in! I LOVE shooting at beautiful intimate wedding spaces. After all, intimate weddings are my thing. When the Magdalena girls emailed me to ask if I would be their open house photographer, I couldn’t say no! Who wouldn’t wanna hang out here, meet some talented vendors and chat to soon-to-be […]

Magdalena’s Open House | Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Business Photography

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Lifestyle Photography

A few weeks ago I spent a little time up north for ‘vacation’. Which to any small business owner is less vacation and more half work- half play. Thank goodness I love my job! A sweet friend of mine recommended Kirstie Warren of Elevate Events, and Im so thankful she did. This woman y’all is […]

Jesse + Kirstie | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

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Its not everyday I meet someone with my name, Jamie. It seems to be an ‘older’ name, one used a generation or so right before mine. I was the only Jamie (besides a boy named Jamie) in my entire graduating class. Crazy, right? I feel so many people share the same name these days! So […]

Intimate Summer Bridal Shower | Texas Wedding Photographer

Lifestyle Photography

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Howdy, yall! For weeks, I gave my weekly recap with its clever name¬†“Munificent and The Mondays”.¬† Because, every new day is a gift more generous than I deserve to receive. Mondays have a bad rep, and its easy to get bogged down with a ‘case of the Mondays’ and lose the joy of the gift… […]

Tenacious Tuesdays | No. 10

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As a bride-to-be, you spend hours and hours searching for THE dress! You try them on. You go to different bridal shops. You bring your entire crew, all to help you find the perfect dress. THE dress that will make his jaw drop. Its so exciting, so special to you. But the worst part is, […]

Urban Bridals | Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Lifestyle Photography