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We're working on creating the best blog for you to read through, if you have anything you want to see or read about let me know. This is both a place for a photo journal and all the happenings here at the JB house.

Hey there!

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Fort Worth is my home. So its no surprise that I find it to be filled with many little hidden gems!! Introductions are needed, meet two of these gems: Wild Salsa and Professional Wedding Guild. For the past year, I was unknowingly forming close relationships with other entrepreneurs that are apart of PWG. These friends […]

Fort Worth Professional Wedding Guild | Happy Hour

Business Photography

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Business Photography

Behind the scenes is totally my jam, ya’ll. I crave photographing the who, what, when, where and why! Behind the scenes is what takes place during both wedding set ups and the official wedding day itself. However, businesses and other creatives also have unique stories to tell? I have been focusing part of my business […]

Behind The Scenes | The Lockharts Workshop

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Fine art of your own flowers, say what?! Hey there everyone! I can’t wait to share with you something near and dear to my heart. I love creating my couples fine art prints of their flowers for life after “I do”. This involves me taking your wedding flowers and preserving them in a way that […]

Floral Fine Art Prints | Introduction

All Posts

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Lifestyle Photography

Newborn portraits, something every photographer will challenge themselves with. I have went back and forth on wether or not I should share these for the past year now. Ya know, I think its time ya’ll. If you don’t already know my story, once upon a time I was a portrait photographer. I photographed newborns and […]

Playing In Flowers | Newborn Fine Art Photography

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Hey there! Can you believe its almost the new year?! However, that can only mean one thing… H O L I D A Y parties galore! I love celebrating with you and being there for your most sacred moments on a wedding day. After the wedding day, there is so much more to celebrate! Weddings […]

Tis The Season | Lets Celebrate Together!

General News

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Business Photography

Hey there friends! This past year, a perfect all natural light white studio opened in Fort Worth inside the floral studio of Blushington Blooms. This little gem is known as the White Ohara Studio. Its turning into one of my favorite spots for all my studio needs, without having to use any strobe lights and keep […]

Inventory Product Shoot At The White Ohara Studio | Fort Worth, Texas

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Its starting to feel a little like fall outside, yall. Thankfully, all the leaves usually turn our gorgeous shades of brown and gold here in Texas later in the season… so shooting these senior portraits in the green garden were P E R F E C T I O N. I couldn’t have asked for […]

Grapevine High Senior | Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

High School Life

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te·nac·i·ty /təˈnasədē/ the quality or fact of being very determined; determination. Persistence. I strive to be steadfast, tenacious, in all the tasks God has laid out in my life. Highlight of my week: Early in the week, I had the pleasure of photographing some product marketing shots for Course & Club out on the course. From […]

Tenacious Tuesdays | No. 17