101 In 1001 Days | Monthly Update

Its the first monthly update of my second 101 in 1001 days. Thankfully, I already have a goal checked off my list! Score.

#20, Complete a Whole30.

While this is technically my second Whole30, It is the first I have successfully completed. The first round ended in tears for me. I had not been paying close enough attention to the ingredient labels, and was unintentionally eating cane sugar the entire time. Which brought me to my second Whole30.

Incredible experience, and now that I have had all kinds of naughty glutenous carbs I am transitioning into a more steady Paleo lifestyle.
This is my “after” photo. No bloat, clearer skin, and I have lost almost 20lbs, most of which was unneeded fat. The fat I had lost was my body storing toxins more than anything else, so while losing it was a bit uncomfortable… its a huge relief now that its out of my body and now that my hormones have leveled out. I will be posting more on my Whole30 & Paleo journey soon, so stay tuned!

I have also started a few other goals on the list–

#3 Finishing personal photography website: Its in the process, should be complete at the end of the month!

#4 Read 5 books on business: I have cracked open a book on business, “The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR” by Al & Laura Ries.

#5 Completing a large scale wall installation: Half way done, loading it in the kiln this Wednesday! Lets get this big project up on the wall! Its home will be in the U of M medical building.

#24 Run in a half-marathon/spartan race: I have chosen to run the cowtown half marathon. Training has begun, prayers are accepted.

#32 Go through a complete “Daily Domination” Journal: I have started going through and filling out the information needed to start and plan on starting any day now.

#41 Make bowls for empty bowls: Every year at TCC in the ceramic department they create bowls for a charity event called “Empty Bowls”. Every year I have wanted to participate, but failed to do so. This year I am doing it. Already in the process of making them!

#43 Be soda free for a year: I am about 2.5 months in… feeling great! I don’t need it and I don’t want it.