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3 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Spring Senior Photo Date

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Three things to consider when booking your spring senior photoshoot

Photography by Jamie Brogdon

1. Spring Events Scheduling: Timing can be tricky as you’ll be entering a very busy season of pre-graduation festivities like senior recitals, college visits, prom, spring break, etc. This can make pinning down a session date difficult and make a needed weather reschedule even more problematic. My suggestion is to start considering booking your shoot earlier, rather than later. As April & May can be tricky months to schedule around if you have a lot of engagements!

2. Image & Product Delivery Turn Around: Another aspect to keep in mind is timing is image & product delivery. Editing your session images could take up to 3 weeks, and designing and delivery of any ordered products could take up to another 3 weeks on top of that. So, if you’re wanting to have custom grad announcements and products like canvases, albums, or signature wall art showcased for your grad party, keep that in mind when booking your spring session date and opt for an early spring date instead of a later one. If you’re someone who is looking to do a grad party over the summer or early June, you may have more wiggle room than those doing theirs in May.

3. College Decisions: Another factor to consider is if you want to incorporate your future college into your senior session… you likely won’t know until the spring semester of your graduating year, so if that is a must for you, this works out perfectly for spring. You can always throw on a college shirt, use a cute oversized flag, or just sporting some school spirit colors! If you don’t know your college yet and your spring shoot is coming up, I suggest either opting out and going with more of your high school theme for school pride or booking an additional shorter shoot for after you figure out your school, if that is something you’re wanting captured!

If a spring session sounds perfect for you, you’ll want to contact us and book your session in the early winter of your Senior year (aka NOW)! This will allow you plenty of time to plan ahead and prepare for your spring session. *Remember that this is the most popular season to book, so dates will sell out quickly. It’s best to book this season as early as possible. Fill out our contact form below and we will get this started! Can’t wait to meet all my spring seniors!

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