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A Year With Northern Clay Center | Making the move to Minnesota


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Happy Tuesday to my fellow readers! I am so excited to finally share with you some of the experiences I had while at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It started in 2015, when I was accepted into the Christian Arts Festival in Eagen, MN. I knew I was going to be moving, but I didn’t have a clue yet as to where I was being called to. Upon acceptance, I googled “Ceramics in Minnesota” and low and behold… the Northern Clay Center (NCC) was at the top of my google search. It was surprised to see so many links pop up in relation to clay in Minnesota, and was clueless to the huge art culture that surrounds this charming tundra city.

The short story: I applied to the MNNICE program at NCC, and was officially accepted 5 weeks before I would need to be moving. Yes, I had 5 weeks. Within the week I found a wonderful family to live with… and away I went. Transferred stores at Starbucks, and landed the studio internship at NCC where I would become the ultimate clay-pugger. Through out the year at NCC, I wound up moving 3 times, attended and worked at NCECA with NCC, picked up a second internship and began my first wall installation commission. I traveled a lot, and saw so much of the beautiful state of Minnesota. If I was able to go back and do it all over again, I would in a heart beat.

This is just a mere summary, and Im sure the photos I share with you will give you a better glimpse at my “Year with Northern Clay Center”.

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