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Amazing Spirit Xtreme Uniforms | Creative Cheer Photography

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Professional Cheer Photography in Fort Worth, Texas

Meet Caroline. She’s one of those timeless sweethearts. Yall, and this gorgeous lady is killlllllin’ it in her new Spirit Xtreme cheer uniform! I love the details and craftsmanship that Varsity puts into their cheer uniforms. All those crystals?! Yes please!! To say I am excited to see them on the mat is an understatement. 🙂

I attended my first cheer competition back in 2004, and I vividly remember how the uniforms looked back then. Watching how they have transformed over the years is pretty wild. Do y’all remember some of the past cheer trends? I bet If I searched through my old cheer photography I would find little gems of trends. Feels like yesterday we were doing solid glitter makeup!

Shout out to Bottled Bronze for the golden spray tan!

Awe! Okay love this shot of your laugh, Caroline! It’s the best.
Yall, all these sparkles on the cheer uniform. I really hope this trend never dies out.
Professional Cheer Photography

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