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JV Carroll Dragons Football 2022

High School Life

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Bright and Bold Carroll Dragons Football Photography

When my client turned dear friend asks me to shoot her son’s game with the JV Carroll Dragons Football, it was a an easy yes. I didn’t know what to expect, and was honestly a little nervous about all the logistics with shooting football. I don’t doubt my abilities to produce beautiful images or my years of experience behind the lens, but doing something for the first time is typically a little nerve wracking… To add to this feeling, It’s been years since I have had a “new” photo experience. Which was both exciting and adding to my “going into the unknown” feels.

While I started off nervous, once out there, I quickly leaned into the nature of the shoot and it felt all too familiar in the best ways.

Y’all… this was by far, one of the most fun and exciting shoots creatively I have had in a long time. The angles, the compositions, the the overall organic nature of the entire shoot… no one was smiling at me, or trying to pose, they were there playing ball and doing what they love. I was able to compose the shots I needed, and grab those genuine expressions of what was truly happening in the moment.

We call type of shoot behind the scenes or photo journalism style. It was pure perfection. Visual storytelling is a style I am in love with shooting yet rarely get to capture these days as a senior photographer. While I do work with THE BEST ladies ever on the dragon cheer team, it’s different vibe because they’re very aware that I am there which takes the focus off capturing as many candid images.

But this right here, was pure creative gold. It set my soul on fire when I needed it most. In the midst of a successful and busy season, it grounded me. Bringing back to my why’s and reminding me how much I truly love what I do.

I know football season ended only about 2 months ago, but I am already looking forward to next season when I can take more images of these young men and their team mates! These dudes are hard working and have incredible character thanks to their parents and coaches. Also, look how rad they look out there tackling, passing, and doing their thing. A great game to add to your incredible season, boys.

I owe the biggest thank you to Becky for having me out, and giving me this creative gift that I didn’t even know I needed. Thank you for always supporting me, my business and just being over all an amazing woman that seeks to bless those around her. Love y’all so much!

carroll dragons football photos taken by Jamie Brogdon Photography

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