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Floral Fine Art Prints | Introduction

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Fine art of your own flowers, say what?!

Hey there everyone! I can’t wait to share with you something near and dear to my heart. I love creating my couples fine art prints of their flowers for life after “I do”. This involves me taking your wedding flowers and preserving them in a way that is timeless and special for you! Your wedding flowers have a story to tell much like your own love story. They were crafted for you and carefully chosen by your florist. Flowers are an art in and of itself. Completely significant.

Here is the brides flowers from a very special wedding at The Bowden in Keller, Texas. Thank you TCU Florist for carefully crafting these for Amanda + Brandon! I had so much fun creating these fine art prints for you to enjoy!

Check out more of my prints here.


I took home an arrangement and thoughtfully placed the flowers in a way that I felt told a story.


Floral Fine Art

Beautiful Bold Buds

Here you see how beautiful they would be displayed on your wall long after your wedding day. Flowers are perishable they have a short life span- but your photos are forever.

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