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Oklahoma Nature Photographer | Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refugee


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(shot by Aaron)

Ah, nature on a hot summer day. A few weeks ago I went on a hiking trip to the Oklahoma Wichita Mountains! We did 2 of the hikes, and one of those was 2.5 miles right up a mountain. There is nothing I love more than going out first hand and breathing in all of God’s beautiful creations. From a tiny cactus, to a ‘mountain boomer’, it was all worth the trip.

I try to live by the saying “Don’t be afraid to get your feet dirty, and don’t be afraid to like it.” And I look back now and realize how much I truly did enjoy that moment, even in the 100 degrees.

Okay, and now my favorite little guy. Look at this Mountain Boomer! Can you believe this was shot with a wide angle on my Canon 6D? He let me get pretty close, what a brave little thing!

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