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Im Engaged, Now What? | Part 1

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Well hello there, future bride and groom! First off, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!!!! Im so happy to hear you have found your forever best friend! This is a really exciting time in your life! I understand that sometimes it can quickly turn from excitement to paralysis with the question “Im engaged, what do I do now?”.

However, not to worry! Im here to help you navigate through a few basic questions to talk over with your fiancé before making any set plans. Now that you’re engaged, don’t you just love saying that word my fiancé ♥.

Topics to discuss:

1. If there is one non-negotiable, what is it (for each partner)?

Finding out what is most important to both of you from the start is the best way to ensure you plan your wedding around this. Some people have a specific location or city they want to be married in, others have a specific vendor(s) that they’re wanting to hire.

Examples of categories to think of as a non-negotiable… You know, besides getting married to the love of your life, which is #1…

Location, City, Guest List, Time of Year, Officiant, Planner, Photographer Style, Specific Wedding Vendor, Honeymoon Destination, Etc.

2. How much can we realistically spend on the day of our wedding + honeymoon?

Finding out your budget is a crucial step in the rest of your plans. Once your budget is set, you should negotiate with the rest of your plans to see what best fits your needs. I suggest hiring a planner to assist with this task of finding the right vendors for you within your budget.(If you have any questions about what a planner does, you can message one of my favorite wedding professionals Ashlee of Treasured Heart Events!) Nothing ruins a perfectly beautiful wedding like postpartum from going way beyond the budget you set. Ill touch more on that in the next post of this series.

3. Do we want a big wedding (150+ people) or a smaller intimate wedding?

The guest list is something I find most value in (besides the photographer ;)), as these are the people you’re choosing to celebrate your big day with! Its important to think this over before creating a solid plan.

Furthermore, an example of why this is so important. If you decide on an intimate wedding, you might not need the large wedding venue. If you choose to have 300+ people, you might need to opt out of the 6 course meal that would push you out of your budget.

At the end of the day, what is important to remember is you’re going to be married. In the next post of this series, Im going to walk you through a few budgeting scenarios and how some people have chosen to calculate their budgets!

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