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New Beginnings-2017.


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Howdy, everyone!

This is the first & official post on the new blog.

I have been putting off starting a “photography” website for quite some years now, mainly due to it being a secondary to my other passion, clay. Nonetheless, here we are! Its happened. I have a photography face book page and instagram… but this will allow me to connect with you all in a different way than a more casual face book page would.

(photographed by Delaney Gebhart, 2014)

The other perk of starting a website? I get to check it off my new 101 in 1001 days list. Yes thats right, Im trying at it again. This time I will be much more reasonable and efficient in my goals & accomplishing them.

There will be more posted soon, so keep checking back!
Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely Wednesday.


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