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Playing In Flowers | Newborn Fine Art Photography

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Newborn portraits, something every photographer will challenge themselves with. I have went back and forth on wether or not I should share these for the past year now. Ya know, I think its time ya’ll. If you don’t already know my story, once upon a time I was a portrait photographer. I photographed newborns and families at a local portrait studio. I decided to go the natural lighting, less posed route with my own work, because this fits me better.

After I stepped away from the ‘portrait studio’ world, I also stepped away from newborns. However, when your close friends are starting families you joyfully accept the job and put on your ‘newborn photographer’ hat for the moment rising to the occasion.

We had these outfits all picked out beforehand, and use the flowers that came home with her from the hospital to play with and garnish her sweet little nugget in. It was perfection, as Chandler Bing might say! I may have stepped away from being a newborn photographer, but I will always be an artist, and what we created was art.

I can picture some of these hanging up on a large canvas above her couch or inside a guest room! Thank you so much for having me capture such a sweet moment for you. And for giving me full creative reign and always trusting my vision. I am so thankful for you and your 24+ years of friendship. You were just darling in your maternity session! Oh, and thank you for making such a darling child! She is complete with your little dimple chin! 🙂


Newborn Photograph

Newborn sessions are always so precious!
But they do take a lot of nurturing and feeding to achieve. Take a look at momma below!


Okay ya’ll, here is the ultimate BTS moment. Mommy comforting her little girl and lulling her back to sleep. Can you say precious!? Ugh. Ya know, I have a few more friends having babies in the near future. Im sure I can talk them all into picking fresh flowers from the garden and letting me create something beautiful with them.

If you love this wrap she is wearing, check out this little online boutique that sells similar wraps! 

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