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Newborn Nursery | Baby Logan

Lifestyle Photography

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I find it very special to photograph the growing family of one of my previous couples. I photographed the lovely couples wedding back in 2014, and now here we are, bringing in their brand new precious baby. Both sides of the grandparents came over this week to help out mommy & her new baby boy while daddy is at work–so naturally, Im going to snap a few of the new grandma’s with their little nugget.

I love that they decorated his bedroom Mario-style. Its very fitting to the couple and their relationship built on the foundation of God, family, and the mutual love of video games.

Photographing nurseries, as they are, is one of those moments when I feel truly fulfilled as a photographer and artist. Giving families the gift of genuine documentation of their own memories and natural moments that unfold.

And even though ‘newborn boutique’ photos is something I do not offer, I really can’t help myself but to put tiny hats on fresh babies from time to time.

To the new happy family! <3

  1. Jennifer Gaines says:

    THESE ARE INCREDIBLE!!! You are truly gifted. Thank you so much! Love you! 😘

  2. Carol Wilds says:

    Such beautiful and expressive pictures of Logan and company
    celebrating his first days home. Love his outfit and seening his nursery. He is a very loved and happy baby. Well all babies have to cry occasionally and even the picture of him crying is sweet. Can’t wait to see him in person.

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