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Tenacious Tuesdays | No. 11


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the quality or fact of being very determined; determination. Persistence.

I strive to be steadfast, tenacious, in all the tasks God has laid out in my life.

(Photographer Lauren Bloom doing her thing at the BRIT styled shoot with Treasured Heart Events)

Highlight of my week:  The highlight of my week was doing the seeming impossible task of a handstand push-up! I tried my best at 18.4 this past weekend and came out with my very first hand stand push-up. I tried, and I tried, and I failed. Many, many times. Then as if a prayer was answered, my legs kipped up, head left the ground, and my feet hit the wall. I did it. After 10 months of CrossFit, I am now able to say I can do one of these bad boys! Let the journey into mastering this skill begin!

Yes, I did this:
– Photographed a Behind The Scenes styled shoot for Treasured Heart Events! This was such a fun, wonderful day filled with lots of new relationships and beautiful photos.
– Made my very first bouquet for said styled shoot ^. We didn’t have a florist, so I became one.
– Had a wonderful dinner with a sweet friend and owner of Course & Club. We chatted over Thai take out, and may or may not have splurged on the best ice cream I have ever had. The Ice Cream Place – Eyes Wide Open. Its a coffee/espresso flavor and it is the pinnacle of ALL coffee ice creams. In my opinion, it even beats the Haagen-Dazs version (I never thought I would be saying that)

Celebrating: Finishing The Open 18.4 with a bang, and starting the final weekend of The Open with 18.5. This month has been such a joy to photograph my box, and now its all coming to an end soon. With every ending, theres a new beginning. The new beginning being me editing all the bazillion hilarious faces and cool-creative-shots I caught of my teammates. But for now, Im focusing on this upcoming weekend of The Open and being there for my PAFfam as they try their best at it!


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