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Creative Travel Senior Photoshoot: Part 1 | Mckenna


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Inspired Travel Senior Photoshoot by Jamie Brogdon

This Travel Senior Photoshoot is easily in my top 10 favorite shoots of all time. Not because of the glamour or travel itself, but because it captures a glimpse into the true heart of my senior. Lifestyle senior photos really add to the originality factor of your shoot. Everything can be a little more elevated than the norm for them, or even vary a little for artistic purposes… but capturing something you like to do with visual story telling is one of the best ways to make your senior photos truly yours.

During Mckenna’s first mini shoot for my senior model team, we decided on doing a travel senior photoshoot series where we tell the story of her love for travel and going to new places. This was months before we started planning, and how everything unfolded was nothing short of spectacular.

I first met Mckenna on the Varsity Dragon Cheer Team her junior year, and we instantly hit it off. We would end up cracking up through the games and she would often throw me a goofy face while I was trying to get the shot. During banquet, she ran up to me and asked if she could join my model team, and I said ABSOLUTELY, YES! We had way too much fun during junior year at all the dragon cheer events, so It was a given for me that this would be a great fit.

I didn’t know it then, but we would end up working together for over 40 hours through the year. And what started off a little more gradual than some of my other model’s who had been working with me one on one for years prior, ended up becoming one of the strongest bonds. Being apart of so many milestones during the year was a huge game changer in being able to get to know her and her mom so well. A true blessing, because these kind of photos can only happen when we really have that photographer-client trust. I mean take a look at this photo magic!! This has been hidden safely in the vault all year, until now…

Move over Kardashians, Holmstrom is here for take off!!

This inspired travel senior photoshoot is only part one of the series, because in order to get anywhere, you need transportation! What better way than by plane? Am I right? This stunning jet-setter made the shoot come together with her effortless look. Really embodying the true travel queen that she is, and taking her senior photos to the next level. My favorite look was probably the cream look, but its really hard to choose when they all are so perfect!

I bet you’re wondering where we landed at for her next chapter in the travel series… stay tuned to see our destination!

Spray Tan by Bottled Bronze
Hair & Makeup by Parlor E11evin

Private Jet from Plane Smart

Travel Senior Photos by Jamie Brogdon. Beautiful private jet senior photoshoot.

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