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Best cheer team photography | Eaton Cheer 2023 Seniors

Cheer and Dance Teams

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Cheer team photography by Jamie Brogdon

Last summer we started off the cheer team photography season with the one and only Eaton Eagles Varsity Cheer! If you’re new around here, you must know cheer team photography season is one of my favorites. We typically start the season off in July and it goes all the way until the end of September.

Pom poms, big bows, and lots of laughter is what makes up the majority of our cheer team photography shoots. But for our senior group shoots, we get a little more creative. I suggest to my teams to decide on a theme, I can send them ideas or they can come up with one on their own! These gorgeous senior group shoot photos were full of color and all the personality.

Who says white dress shots have to be boring?! In some cheer team photography moments, it’s good to steer away from the ‘done for years before’ outfits like the white or black dresses and go with something really different and unique… but with these five (the fantastic five), they were able to revive the classic staple by bring such life to it. These senior’s had some of the cutest shots in their white classic dresses. They truly made the look uniquely their own by bringing an individualized touch to it!

The following year, these girls experienced great heartbreak and loss when their coach passed away. I can’t imagine going into my senior year of cheer & school after experiencing that, but they fought through it, and did it for her. We incorporated pops of purple as a tribute to her. These girls have such beautiful hearts and this was a perfect way to celebrate the life of their beloved coach. You all carried on her cheer legacy as you set out into your final year as an Eaton Eagle.

Thank you so much for being the best and having me create one of my favorite senior group shoots of all times. I am going to miss you five so much next year during all the chaos of cheer team photography season.

Looking for a cute classic white dress for your senior group shoot?
Check these out here from Francescas!

best cheer team photography by Jamie Brogdon Photography

Dance & Cheer Team Photography taken to the next level!
…But Senior Style…
Creativity, lighting, and big personality:

Carroll Cheer Senior Group Shoot | Dragon Stadium
North West Sidekicks Senior Group Shoot | Horse Barn
Timber Creek Cheer Senior Group Shoot | Urban Downtown

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