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’23 Cute Keller High Senior Pictures | Reese


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Keller High Senior Pictures in the Fall by Jamie Brogdon

Opting for a fall shoot was a huge win for her Keller High Senior Pictures. The weather, while still a bit windy, was pretty perfect from what I recall. Texas falls can feel either like summer or like winter, and rarely actually “fall” weather. Reese applied to be on my model team the following year after being recommended by another incoming model of mine, Kylar. After chatting with her amazing mom, I got the feeling this was going to be a perfect fit for all of us.

I have watched this beautiful young lady go from a little unsure of what to do and what to expect, to feeling so confident and 110% slaying her shoots. That’s one of my absolute all time favorite experiences of having someone on my model team, watching their confidence transform before my eyes as they go from high schooler to first round of adulting.

We started her shoot in the city with some beautiful colorful walls. Her two piece pant outfit was so gorgeous and really fit the part. We hopped around different urban spots in downtown Fort Worth, changing outfits and looks along the way. Her favorite color is pink so we brought out some bio-degradable confetti and the smoke bombs for some cute shots.

Those pink boots too, had a story of their own that I won’t mention here. But let’s just say it involved a top secret mission to Dallas to retrieve them. After hopping around downtown, we ended at a nearby park for her final look. Which was without a doubt, my favorite outfit of hers out of all the cute fits!

It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you and your family, Reese. Your kindness, gentle spirit and “down to do all of Jamie’s ideas” attitude has been the best. I am so excited for your future at Arkansas, you’re going to do great. Can’t wait to see you and your mamma for breakfast again soon, love you so much!

Spray Tan by Bottled Bronze
Hair & Makeup by Parlor E11evin

This is one of my favorites from that final look:

Keller High Senior Pictures by Jamie Brogdon

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