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One thing that really interests me is how people cross paths. I ask myself, “What lined up that moment of connection?” For this Senior, it was a little trail that all came together. A few years ago, I photographed a sweet couples wedding at Diamond Oaks Country Club. Andrea, the bride, stumbled upon me via face book in a desperate search for a photographer. I messaged her back, and within the hour we were chatting on the phone and she was ready to sign the contract! Talk about meant to be.

While shooting the wedding reception, my favorite part of the timeline finally arrived… the cake! When I bit into that chocolate cup cake I was hooked. I have tried so many various cakes throughout the years, and nothing compared to this cupcake. I loved it so much that Andrea actually met with me to give me more of them! I found out that her cousin made them, and I was hoping one day I would get to meet his talented cousin of hers. Because who wouldn’t want to meet an excellent baker?! 🙂 

Boom. Guess who the ‘cousin’ was that called me for Senior Photos? None other than Duncan’s mom! I have really been enjoying this season of life, where I have the freedom to photograph Seniors so often! This one didn’t disappoint. Im super happy you chose to have me capture your Senior Photos! Thank you for keepin’ me young and teaching me some new lingo that you cool kids use these days! (ex: Normie.)

Oh, and a special thanks for the introduction to your super cool friends for your prom shoot!!! You + your friends were awesome to hang with.


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