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If you have never been to the TCU Campus, you’re missing out! It is so beautiful and a dream for photographers who love reflective light surfaces. I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet TCU Senior this year, Erin. I met her through another TCU Alumni, Ashlee of Treasured Heart Events!
I personally feel like I meet the best people through Ashlee, but I might be a little biased, because Ashlee is amazing!

When you glance through her photos, you will see that she is full of laughter and life! We had such a blast hanging out and shooting. The best part of the evening was when we were shooting by the road, and Ashlee drove by and honked! Haha how cool is that? The woman who brought us together, unknowingly drove past us mid-shoot! 🙂

They say the friends you make in college will last a life time, and I can only hope thats factual. I know you’re going to go out there in California and KILL IT doing anything and everything you do!! I hope to see you again soon friend! Love you lots!

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