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I am happy to share with you the recap of my week as we are all on this crazy journey called life together.

M U N I F I C E N T – (of a gift or sum of money) larger or more generous than is usual or necessary.

Monday is the start of another day, another week. The gift of one more day is more generous than any riches or rubies I could possibly receive. No ‘case of the Mondays’ here!

Highlight of my week: Cheering on my squad at The Granite Games throw down! The energy at the competition was great and I had a blast photographing it for my team. There is no better way to spend my Saturday afternoon than hanging with my PAF family!

Yes, I did this:
– Celebrated my Dad’s birthday this week! I am so thankful to have been blessed with the parents I have! Can’t wait to celebrate more with him through the next weeks.
– Attended my first BNI meeting and met a bunch of wonderful business owners, all with the same goal in mind.
– ….Also attended my first Tuesdays Together in Fort Worth! So many meetings this week.

Celebrating: At Tuesdays Together, I met a lot of wonderful ladies (and gentleman). I had the pleasure of instantly forming a friendship with the ever so talented owner of  Treasured Heart Events, Ashlee Kautz. I can’t brag on this lady enough for her fierce heart for God and her love for her clients.

Question for my readers: Did you hire a wedding planner for your wedding? If so, do you wish you would have/wouldn’t have?

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