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Perfect Photoshoot Locations : Number 1 Thing I Look For…

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With over 10 years of experience, I take a lot of pride in my photoshoot locations I find for my clients. A few were given to me by clients as suggestions, some where shared with me from other photographers. But most are from the hours and hours of driving and scouting myself to find and location the best spots. Seeing that I aim to be the best photographer I can be, I strive to create that unique combination that showcases that senior for each and every client.

One of my rules of thumb is as my client, you can’t be on my location scout with me. It’s a process, and there’s a lot that goes into the entire event. Most of the time, I find your locations when Im looking for a different one, or when Im on my way to the store, or to meet a friend for lunch. Im sure driving around town with me is probably a pretty dangerous adventure.

“oooo look at that location”…. *little swerves and bumps a curb*

“Oh my gosh WHAT, that LIGHT!” …. *pulls a quick maybe not so legal U-Turn*

“Is that flowers I see!?” … “slows down to peek when I should probably be going a bit faster*

This is a constant, yall. I always get asked “How did you even find this place”? Well, my eye balls are always opened looking for the best spots to shoot you for your senior photos!

A lot goes in to the “perfect” photo location but there’s one important factor that I look at first, the lighting. The lighting is my number 1 photoshoot location requirement. It will absolutely make or break your location. You could have an amazing location right in front of you but if the light is no bueno, it’s not going to look the way we want it to. I have turned down gorgeous backgrounds for questionable scenery because the light was better at the later… and guess what, the photo was stunning and you’d have no idea we were shooting where we were! The light steals the show, time and time again.

Here’s a few other things I look for when choosing a senior session location:

First, Light. Questions I ask myself when looking at a spot:
Is this evenly lit? If not, does it create interest by it not being evenly lit? Is there reflective surfaces nearby that will alter the color of the client’s images (that hot pink building next door will not look cute reflecting back on you making the lighting look red).

We can make any location look gorgeous if there’s beautiful light. But, I take it a step further by coming beautiful light with cool locations.

Once I find the light, this is what I look for in my locations:

Photoshoot Location Scouting is less about background
and way more about light.

Hair & Makeup by Parlor E11evin

URBAN | hard leading lines that create interest, background lights, shiny surfaces, colorful walls

INDUSTRIAL | gritty concrete textures, unique patterns on walls or structures, metal buildings

NATURE | tall grass, open spaces, variety of plants and areas to shoot of interest

Some places we can shoot year round in either morning or evening light, others can only be during certain seasons to get the look we are going for!

Check out these stunning photoshoot locations we found for these seniors:

Bailey’s Grapevine Industrial & Nature locations
Araya’s Urban & Nature locations
Mckenna’s Miami Beach & Tropical locations

Stressed about picking out your locations? Don’t worry, this is the perk of having me as your photographer! I take the lead on finding the best light at locations for your perfect senior photo vision.

Ready to book your senior session with JB seniors and shoot at these gorgeous locations? Let’s do it! Fill out the contact form below and lets get started!

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Ready to start
planning your senior photos?

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