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Tenacious Tuesdays | No. 15


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the quality or fact of being very determined; determination. Persistence.

I strive to be steadfast, tenacious, in all the tasks God has laid out in my life.

Highlight of my week: Toughed it out and photographed fan photos at the NFL draft, days in a row. If you’ve never been to one of these events, you’re missing out! The crowds were so excited to be there and everyone was full of team spirit. Overall, I probably snapped around 1500 photos. Can you believe that THAT is a low number for fan photos?

Yes, I did this:
– Played catch up from last week by editing  photos for 8 hours on one day.
– Made my way back to the CrossFit box for a very light workout, full of stretching and sitting on the AirBike for 20 minutes. This was harder than it sounds… I just wanted to workout like normal but I still don’t feel 100% yet.
– Walked over 20,000 steps on day 2 of the draft. Yikes. So much for taking it easy! (We all know I can’t do that for too long). Thats a total of 10 miles, y’all.

Celebrating: A wonderful quiet fishing trip with my Papa. We went to lake Mineral Wells and tried our luck at fishing for crappie. Unfortunately, they were very uninterested in eating. It might be too early in the season as we have had some cold weather in the past few weeks. Fish or no fish, it is always worth it.


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