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Tenacious Tuesdays | No. 16


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the quality or fact of being very determined; determination. Persistence.

I strive to be steadfast, tenacious, in all the tasks God has laid out in my life.

Highlight of my week: Yall. I love my job. I love delivering the album to my clients and watching them see their photos for the first time. This week I delivered photos and was reminded of why I do what I do. Thank you for having me capture your family, as it is.

Yes, I did this:
Photographed this beautiful couple and their kiddos! I love taking families photos to document every season of their lives.
– Had a really nice dinner with a sweet friend, and also ice cream from The Ice Cream Place. My favorite!
– I am officially back in the box, full throttle (besides deadlifting + weighted back squats). Which means I completed a mini-Murph in preparation for memorial day. Every memorial day, CrossFit boxes around the world perform a hero workout, Murph, in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy. Our coach is preparing us to do either a partial, half, full or team by having us do variation of the tough workout. To learn more about Murph WOD, click here.

Celebrating: A huge shot out to my chiropractor Bryan and his team at Clairton Family Chiropractic for helping me make the healthiest version of myself. Thank you for taking my neck from being pain ridden to feeling good. I will never again underestimate how valuable my neck is, now I realize I need it for EVERYTHING I do. Both internally and externally.


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