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2018 Mustang High School Graduate | Oklahoma Senior Photography

High School Life

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As I drove to Oklahoma for my first senior photography session of the year, I thought to myself “How cool is this. I am getting to do what I love, for the ones I love”.

I met Ian back when I was in high school, when his mom had me and my best friend baby sit him and his littlest sister. Over the years, I had grown close to their family and watched the kids grow up from needing a baby sitter- to needing a senior photographer. How crazy is that? I am so blessed to be able to capture this milestone for this young man and his family. When I heard he purchased a bike, I instantly felt old. I immediately had 2 thoughts– the maternal, careful, cautious “Is he safe on that death machine??” and the “This. Is. So. Awesome! I really hope I can take photos of him and his bike!” He is surly growing up fast and spreading his wings, so much so that he’s flying off to New Mexico for college after he graduates from high school. Can’t wait to see you embark on the next chapter of your life.

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