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Happy ‘Gotcha’ Day Moses | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photography

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I met this beautiful family at my CrossFit box in Keller, Texas. It was the 4th of July. I arrived ready to get a good work out in, waiting in anticipation to hear from the coach what the WOD would be.

I remember turning around to see what was written on the glass “241 burpees”… my heartbeat instantly picked up. Are we seriously about to do 241 burpees?? Thankfully, we were split into groups of 4 and would attack the WOD as a team. Phew. Not sure how 241 burpess by myself would have felt. Probably not fantastic. The coach explained the workout, and how every number he had chosen was significant to Americas 241’s Birthday. Oh, the burp’s…that was just the start of the workout. He gave us a 13 minute time cap to complete the burpees, rotating every 4 burpees per person. I guess we are doing this? Okay, bring it on!

After you finish the burpees: 7 rounds for time, which means you continue until you finish and record that time.

400 meter run (run together as a group) + 1776 meter row (split between your team) X 7

Thats right. You did your math. Thats almost 2 miles of running + 7.7 miles of rowing. Ouch. Did I mention I started CrossFit 3 weeks before this? Did I also mention it is 10am in the middle of summer, in Texas?? Really thankful I remembered my water!

I look at my group, took a deep breath, and hoped for the best. We completed the burpees, I remember thinking to myself “This isn’t so bad after all. We can totally do this!” Then we started the run + row portion.

We made it to round 2 of 7, and I immediately felt the weight of the workout setting in.
How. Was. I. Going. To. Do. This. S E V E N. Times!?
Everyone in my group was so encouraging and willing to sub in when others were struggling (most likely me). Lauren was cheering me and the other team members on as we hustled though the row. I looked over, admiring her shirt which repped her relationship with God and her local church. But the cool thing is I didn’t even need to see her shirt to know her heart. In my opinion, when someone knows where they come from and why they are here, they show you a different light. Theres a confident that isn’t fearful. Its patience, Its graceful, and its truly infectious. I didn’t know it then, but she now has become such a dear friend and sister to me.

When I heard her and her husbands story and how they came about adopting Moses, I was so touched. They brought Moses home from Uganda, Africa just 2 years ago. They all looked at the clothes he was wearing, and the photos from his time in Africa. Reading books and showing him the photos and memories. Celebrating the path that led him to his family. When we were all sitting around after cake, Moses said to Ben “Daddy, I like cake just like you”.

I. Melted. Puddle. Me.

I had to fight back the tears, for it was the sweetest, most innocent thought I had heard in a long time.

Y’all, I am so blessed you had me be apart of this wonderful celebration called “Gotcha day”! Love you and your family to the moon and back.

In case you were wondering how the WOD was, well we finished it in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. All of us. We stayed till the fight was over. I don’t know if I will ever repeat that WOD again, but I am glad to say I finished strong with my teammates.

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