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Munificent & The Mondays | Vol III


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(Me with my sweet nephew, after I took his photos. You can tell he’s not super happy with me haha)

– (of a gift or sum of money) larger or more generous than is usual or necessary.

Monday is the start of another day, another week. The gift of one more day is more generous than any riches or rubies I could possibly receive. No ‘case of the Mondays’ here!

I am happy to share with you the recap of my week as we are all on this crazy journey called life together.

Highlight of my week: I have officially created an efficient online album for my Fine Art Prints! The uploading process will be continual, because I have SO many images I want to share with you. Everything from my travel photos, photos from Texas, and so many flowers.

I did this:
– Picked up ALL required forms for passport application, had my photo taken, and drove around for a few hours figuring it all out. Now, I just need to set the appointment and go in. Bam! To see where Im headed and read about Think East Africa, click here.
– Switched over from smugmug to PASS for online gallery viewing! Couldn’t be happier with the changes.
– Left my house before sunrise to photograph a beautiful barn out in Decatur, Texas. So excited to share this wedding venue with y’all this week!

Blessed beyond measure: 
After working straight for what felt like two weeks, I did something I rarely get to do. I slept in, with no alarm. This was a small thing that was so, so worth it. I slept over 8 hours, and didn’t wake once until It was time to get out of bed. I felt so blessed to, A: Have a job B: Have a job that I have days off from C: Have a roof over my head and a huge comfy bed.

Question for my readers: What is your favorite kind of food? If you’re in Texas, I bet its BBQ or Tex-Mex, just sayin! 😉

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